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The Author's Story

     There is always an interesting twist to every story of growing up. Some childhoods have a few more twists than others and that tends to make them good fodder for ridicule, or satirical memoirs. The story in this book is mine, and I make no apologies for having fun with it.

     My story begins when I was nine, dreaming about the environs of a very special tree house, and the unknown magic of shared innocence unfolding behind those hallowed walls. This, was but the beginning of a lifelong search for deeper meanings to things, and how funny that is upon hindsight.

     This story is about starting out clueless in life and the interesting things people will do with you when you let them, or encourage it. Fortunately, being clueless isn’t fatal. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to figure that part out. This story is the long search for knowledge, and if a bite or two of wisdom was included, all the better.


     My first publication came about in 1961, when I was thirteen, having my aphorism about silverware and knights published in Boy's Life Magazine. That began further explorations into writing, which began with my foray into writing poetry. The fuller story of my life unfolds in my satirical memoir. Satire helps alleviate the writer's inner angst when writing the details of one's life for public scrutiny. I have brought twelve books to life over the years, and have more awaiting their turn. It is my intention and hope that the reader is entertained by my books.


                                                                                                                                                     Grant Handgis

The Writer

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