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A Return to Writing

I have taken a detour from my writing over the past seven years while making fine art hand coated photographic prints. The detour was from writing a satirical memoir to writing the five books in the "Alchemist's Guide;" series. A lot of energy was expended in the printing and writing about it. That was a most enjoyable and rewarding experience.

I now return my focus on continuing work on a fictional book I began those years ago, a novel about hope. Beautiful word, hope, and for satirical types, it is a word that can be exploited, with a particular character in mind, who's life's focus, and endless efforts at creating the exemplary, perhaps perfect gallery. Hope tends to become a delicious energy flowing through an idealist's veins, caressing the better senses and sustaining the dream.

I blogged for over five years on POD publishing, back in the days when Create Space was a blessed place for independent authors. Every tool needed to self-market the author's books was available, before it was all stripped out and sold off. Now, there is no real control over a listed book from that group. I do realize it is time to find a suitable platform for my books. One that is actually for the benefit of the author.

I no longer have any interest in blogging on the IT side of POD publishing [Print on Demand], as the changes taking place are constantly changing. What I do hope to write about, is writing itself. That is something that has seen changes, certainly over the past century, with changes in style and even grammatical structure, spelling and word use; such as awhile now a while. Changed right in front of me too. For now, a simply hello, very glad you took the time to read my words.

My satirical memoir that is currently being marketed;

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