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Beginning the Process

One of the things writers come to know is simply, writing fiction is so much harder than writing fiction. Well, yeah, Duh!. The elements of non-fiction are known. Fiction demands a compelling story, sufficient to keep the reader's attention. And that task relies heavily upon the shoulder of the characters; mostly notably the protagonist. And that begins with a proper name. That is the element coming into and out of focus in my head. The question remains as to how many samples will be handled before a suitable one become loudly evident.

I write satire, thus, a name demands exemplifying the intended characteristics of said protagonist. I will confess at this point that the name I choose will say in a loud voice, this individual is clueless, but he has hope, and that potential readers, can manifests so many satirical moments. I write stream of conscious, which demands I make the trip to Mu, where the Muse live, down deep in the darker regions of the subconscious. Gifts must be brought, and kind words spoken of their creative wonderfulness to ensure their enthusiasm for bringing forth the juice.

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